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Practicing Fields

Intellectual property


We provide customers with a full range of services related to intellectual property rights, which cover patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets and other rights such as transnational applications, OA responses, expositions, assessments, objections, infringement analyses, reviews, reexaminations, enforcements and appeals, as well as cross-strait and international litigations management.


Enterprise, business, non-litigation


Whether you require help with labor disputes, corporate mergers and acquisitions, investment planning, tax arrangements, business contracts, due diligences, policy recommendations, product planning, competitive analyses, technology roadmaps, or patent advices, we will strive to provide the best service possible.



Familial, Civil, Criminal, and Administrative litigation


Our lawyers also undertake general familial, civil, criminal and administrative litigation works, as well as reconciliation or mediation cases. With their rich life experiences, they are able to take care of the best interests of the parties, in and outside the courts, and always achieve the best solution for their clients.


Business management, patent, technology, and legal consultant


In addition to the legal profession, our team can also provide clients advice on patents, technology, management, and business strategy in all level with a general and global view, as well as related education and training. The goal is for our customers to make the most out of this comprehensive decision-making process.




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