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Risetek Law & Patent Office

     We are a great team of attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys with dual backgrounds in law and technology.
     Besides providing legal services, we did years of research and development of hardware and software, have worked in startups and started companies. We served as Legal Advisor, Corporate Director, Technology Advisor, General Manager, Chief Technology Officer, VP of R&D and business development, Director of marketing and technology, among other positions. We also worked previously in patent firms, and are responsible for teaching patent engineers how to write good patents, patent prosecutors how to apply for international patents, and R&D engineers how to excel in technological innovation, product planning, and R&D project management.
        Our years of working experience in high-tech field with international trades, distributionship, and governmental business development gave us a solid understanding of international business, product planning, and people management. We are therefore confident in handling all your litigation cases, civil, family, criminal or administrative, and especially intellectual property related cases. 
       Because we know our clients' business, products, and technology, and their competitors', we can help them perform better technology analyses and IP roadmaps, carry out worldwide IP prosecution tasks, and achieve much better litigation management through our affiliate network.
        We provide the best quality patent drafting and prosecution work available at a reasonable price by working with patent engineers in the target technology fields and reviews by attorneys-at-law or patent attorneys with technology background. We are claim experts, know how to design around, focus on worldwide coverage of the patent map, to protect our clients' key technology, and to enforce their rights and interests in the courts. 
        In the M&A process, we also provide due diligence checks, IP valuation reports, legal risk assessments, and technology/product evaluation reports. We can also offer IP related education and training to legal and R&D staffs.
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